How to buy

Buy on seajewels is very simple
You can browse the homepage of the website or in the catalog and click on the selected product to display the product.

Product details
Inside the brochure you can view details of the selected product and see the product images magnified using the zoom.
In the product are listed on the model information, description and price.
Where necessary, you will need to indicate the size before purchasing (displays only the size available at that time).

Within the dedicated to the shopping cart page you can view the selected products, the quantity and the total cost of the same.
By clicking on "Proceed to checkout" and you can keep the purchase path.
To complete the order you must fill out the Checkout, follow the steps on page within the same page, you can view the status of the checkout progress.
All the data of your order are summarized at the end of the procedure and once confirmed the purchase process, you can no longer make changes.
Once your purchase is completed you will receive a confirmation email with a summary and the order code made.

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