About Us

Torre del greco, as well as being known as the Flower City and the coral has been for centuries also for working Cameo.

Seajewels, the jewels of the sea, is a young company, created by Veronica Manfredi and Vincenzo Mauriello, with twenty years of experience in working with Cameo Coral the best local engravers.
The Cameo is a jewel realized through the incision of a sea shell, in particular the "Cypraecassis rufa", the "Cassis madascarensis" and the "Cassis cornuta" in that these shells of the family of the "Cassis" have the surface It consists of two distinct color layers, which makes it possible to isolate clearly from the bottom of the figure in relief.

All creations are unique and made by hand. Each product is the result of our imagination and what he asks for our customers.
Given the originality and uniqueness of our products, the customer can also request custom processing.

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